[ExI] Deuteronomy Chapter 13

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Fri Jun 12 01:52:22 UTC 2009

painlord2k at libero.it writes:
> 9 killings in 16 years are not good, but hardly give any reason to
>  believe this is caused by Christianity.

These people quote the bible as their moral authority for killing abortion 
doctors.  Investigations show that they learned this hate from their 
christian teachers, and increased their levels of violence within these 
christian groups.  None of them did their own research and decided to hate 
abortion.  None of them had dreams, or little green men, or Satan telling 
them what to do, or any other source of information against the abortion 
doctors.  All their information was fed to them by the christians.  Is their 
someone else egging them on besides the christians that I haven't heard 

> So, if you are a Christian, in US, you have a probability over 50 millions 
> to kill an abortion doctor or someone related to abortions.

Just because most christians don't kill doesn't mean that some christians 
have not killed in the name of christianity.  Your claim does not refute 
mine.  Both statements can be true. 

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