[ExI] 2/3 game, round 1

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	...A reasonably ardent greeting to you, fellow extropians! I've been
following this list for more than a year without making any elegant
contributions, so I'll ensure that this isn't one either.

	2009/6/14 spike <spike66 at att.net>

		...Here's a game for us, with a grand prize* for the winner,
just to make it interesting (compared to, say, pulling weeds out of the
lawn.)  To play, choose any number between 0 and 99 inclusive...spike

Welcome to the neighborhood Zelaron!

A protocol we use here is to post your reply below the existing text instead
of above it.  That way we can easily see what you wrote vs what was there

The arbitrary cutoff for the 2/3 game round 1 will be tomorrow, Monday, 15
June at 2100 US west coast time, so that's midnight for the U.S. east
coasters.  Europeans, Asians, Africans and Australians, do bear with us, for
in the future rounds, I want to cut it off in the evening your time, so I
can see what meta-reasoning is done by those on the various continents.  I
will post all the results tomorrow evening, before the cutoff time, so some
may choose to wait and post late, but do feel free to post well ahead too.  

For a future round, I will propose we can post exactly twice, or a
subsequent round, as many as you wish, so that each round will have a
different line of reasoning to success.  First round, 1 post each, cutoff
time definite, 2100 US west coast, which is Zulu minus seven hours, or GMT
minus seven hours, so we cut off this round at 0400 Zulu Tuesday.




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