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Mon Jun 15 12:52:00 UTC 2009

--- On Fri, 6/12/09, Olga Bourlin <fauxever at sprynet.com> wrote:
>> 1984 scared me as a teen.  Anyone here read _We_
>> as a teen?
> I read We The Living, Atlas Shrugged, as well as The
> Fountainhead as a teen. There was a kind of comic-book
> appeal to her characters (and the black-and-white "good guys
> v. bad guys" scenarios).
> Teenagers aren't known to be much into subtlety.

Depends on the teen, I reckon.  :)  Also, I'm not so sure Rand lacked subtlety.  I thought, for instance, her _We

Oh, and I meant _We_ by Yevgeny Zamyatin -- not _We the Living_ by Rand.  Rand's _Anthem_ is considered a rewrite of Zamyatin's _We_.

Also, I do think _We the Living_ is very different from her later novels.  Don't you?




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