[ExI] hey, lake, what the?? RE: 2/3 game, round 1

spike spike66 at att.net
Tue Jun 16 01:46:05 UTC 2009

 > ...On Behalf Of Jeff Davis
> 2009/6/14 spike <spike66 at att.net>:
> >
> > Klaatu barata nikto?  Are we urging Zelaron to not destroy 
> the earth now?
> With a name like Zeleron, I'm concerned that he might be from 
> "France".  Want to stay on his good side.  Wouldn't want my ox Gort...
Best, Jeff Davis

Ja, I would Gnut want that either.

Jeff perhaps with your literary skills, perhaps you or someone could shed
some light upon a mysterious thing of which I have been hearing on the
radio.  There are apparently some unspecified number of mysterious devices
that are being called lakers, from Los Angeles, apparently victorious in
some sort of competition, but the news people do not specify.  The term
'laker' is being used as a noun, therefore 'lake' is a verb.  I have
inferred that these persons or devices have defeated some presumably
supernatural force known as the "magic" (singular) at a laking contest.  I
have never seen anyone or anything lake, nor have I at any time laked
myself, or participated in any way in laking.


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