[ExI] Posthumanism vs. Transhumanism

Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Thu Jun 18 16:03:57 UTC 2009

Someone (Damien?) recently wrote about the need for clarity in use of terms
and historical accounts.  Taking that as a lead in, I get confused when we
try to separate out Extropy and Transhumanism.  Transhumanism is Extropy.
How can it be otherwise?  There are indeed different so called "flavors" of
"Transhumanism", and one is "extropian", and others are "religious",
"democratic", "libertarian", "socialist", "environmental", "feminist",
"technoprogressive", "spiritual", "atheist", "objectivist", etc.  Some have
come and gone over the years.  But Transhumanism is transhumanism and has
diversified into different views on how much, how far, with what, and when,
for example. 

I agree with you that both strategies are pursued.  Not good enough though.
Hughes has done a fabulous job, even though I may disagree with his
historical accounts and projections.  It would be beneficial for us to get
our stories straight and unite, in all our diversities, but for a shared
goal - human enhancement and paving the way for our posthuman futures.

Thanks for your insights,


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--- On Wed, 6/17/09, natasha at natasha.cc <natasha at natasha.cc> wrote:
> Damien, good piece.  However you
> are tired of academic nonsense, we (not necessarily meaning "you" per 
> se, but your writings will suffice for you in this
> regard) do have deal with it because the very structure human 
> enhancement futures is being built upon in learning institutions is a 
> hack job.

Well, there are two broad approaches one can take to this -- and they're not
mutually exclusive: enter into these institutions to alter their views or
opt out of them and let them change as they may.  The latter strategy
happens often enough and one could say that the Extropian and transhumanist
movements pursue both now.  There are things like this list, conferences,
and the like that are clearly alternatives to mainstream or academic lists,
conferences, and the like.




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