[ExI] Posthumanism vs. Transhumanism

Damien Broderick thespike at satx.rr.com
Fri Jun 19 00:09:14 UTC 2009

At 11:04 PM 6/18/2009 +0000, Tom wrote:

>(either all thoughts are equally shallow as the more radical 
>deconstructionists hold, or we can use Dr Brodericks patent deepness 
>analyser, which responds to fake deepness with Australian insults).

Strike me pink, Bluey! My patent analyzer does do that, but it also 
displayed the vapidity of an especially ludicrous assertion 
("transhumanism doesn't theorize change") by analogy via its 
equivalent form for physics ("nuclear science doesn't theorize atomic nuclei").

I'd still like to know what Dr. Miah actually meant. Natasha, you're 
the one who cited his essay--can you give a more detailed summary? It 
seems unlikely that he's really as silly as the quote made him sound.

Damien Bloody Broderick

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