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Rituals are a necessary part of socialization and psychological well being.
My daily rituals are vital to my life.  Some are a working out or yoga
ritual and working in garden ritual, etc.  Am I worshiping a god when doing
this?  No.  But I am practicing a Zen-like state of being in becoming one
with the act I am physically and mentally involved in.  Is it a trance?  No.
But it is a state of being that is separate from other actions in my life.

I'll just comment that all domains are interesting and can be transhumanist.
The issue is approaching them from an extropic perspective and/or
considering the issues through the Principles of Extropy.

I am against putting a limit on topics for critical and creative discussion,
including random acts of humor.


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On 6/19/09, Stathis Papaioannou wrote:
> I'm admit I'm one of those most guilty of contributing to threads on  
> politics, economics and religion, and I agree these threads mostly  
> have little to do with extropianism.

Well, that depends on how direct a connection you want to extropianism.

If you desire to boldly go into the future, then you probably want to have
enough money to be an early adopter of the latest tech. (Early usually =
I doubt if the first rejuvenation therapy regime will be 10 USD/month at

Unusual economic ideas might be a hindrance to accumulating sufficient
money, so discussion of alternative economic behaviors might help.

Most religious beliefs and rituals are also likely to be a hindrance for
extropians. Especially if some research or activities are forbidden.

Nation-level politics are something that we cannot affect much, so our
political beliefs are probably irrelevant. Though individual political
beliefs could affect our motivation towards extropian objectives at a local

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