[ExI] hack gmail to get my account back???

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 08:16:00 UTC 2009

On 6/21/09, Morris Johnson wrote:
> I  know thousands get phished and gmail might not fix things overnight but I
> am a bit concerned about having the information on my
> extropian.pharmer at gmail.com out in the hands of criminals and such.
> The phishing report has been filed and although its only 3 days I'd like to
> be sure action will be taken to lock down and transfer back my acct ASAP.
> I'm open to help or suggestions of how to hack gmail and open up and claw
> back my account....as you can tell I'm really pissed both at myself for not
> thinking for a moment as well as at the thought of what my account may be
> used for.

No, you can't hack a gmail account.
That's why they send phishing emails out. If gmail accounts could be
hacked then you would be at risk of losing your account at any time.

Gmail Support says they try to respond within a few days to an account
retrieval request.

For future reference you might be care to check
Gmail Backup is a migration tool for Gmail service from Google. You
can backup or restore your emails on any email account from Google.

Best of luck, BillK

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