[ExI] Putting the plus into H+ healthcare

Bryan Bishop kanzure at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 18:55:41 UTC 2009

(instead of hijacking the thread, and since this sheds many of the
underlying assumptions to an extent that it would be pointless in that
thread, ..)

When you ask someone why they did not save the life of a person who
needed healthcare, they might start off by saying that it wasn't their
responsibility, or if it was, they tried their best, they sought the
best doctors and the best help that money could afford. For me, that
form of an answer is unacceptable.

The real reason that they did not save the life of the person is
because they did not know how, because if they really wanted to, and
if they really knew how, then they would have done however was
necessary to get the healthcare technology working. In modern
civilization, healthcare technology is distributed "oddly". By "oddly"
I mean that it is not like it's on every street corner, but instead it
seems to be hidden away under different buildings that are only
accessible through different healthcare programs that are attained by
monetary slavery, or something. Hospitals are concentrations of
medical technology. Sigma-Aldrich is a large physical concentration of
chemical and maybe even pharmaceutical drug factories somewhere in
Texas (IIRC). And honestly, not everyone seems to know what the
different pieces of equipment are, how to operate them, how to build
them, how to make other tools or instruments that operate similarly.
These tools are vital to healthcare.

In the case of it being "too expensive to care for the elderly", I
kind of scoffed .. not because I think that any amount of money should
be spent or something, but rather because it shouldn't cost any money
in the first place. Who cares about the money involved? Honestly. Yes,
it's true that an elderly individual might not be "hip" enough on his
tech in order to get his healthcare tools running .. but that's why we
already have many volunteers that serve in this position, or if not
volunteers then their children or distant relatives.

I find it odd how almost every modern mother has a box of band-aids in
the medicine cabinet, but I still don't have a dusty DNA synthesizer
in my attic.

- Bryan
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