[ExI] thanks for the concern..was hacking google

Morris Johnson mfj.eav at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 00:15:33 UTC 2009

Thanks for the concern everybody, .

I really thought your comments about no response might be right so I
composed a memo with details of the  phish and  account content that
should not fall into criminal hands.....

I also found code that might hack me back my password and sent it.

I submitted the hack and got a response that the acct had been disabled.

I CC'd the activity to get my acct back in another memo.

The 4 th day I received a return memo.  Secondary address set up using
one of my other accounts.
Clicked through and set a new password and logged in...all appeared as
I left it.

Note to self...never, never do something so stupid as a kneejerk
response to an account related message.

So now I can get back to business and life and diversions
brainstorming longevity dividend promoting laws, regs, business and
personal activity to extend lifespan, healthspan  and get my longevity

Those of you on my facebook saw how seriously I took the situation.

When I said "I'd cut the nuts off the  phisher and fry them up for my
dog" a friend responded that she "was glad to be moving 2 provinces

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