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2009/6/25 spike <spike66 at att.net>:
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>> Subject: [ExI] simple solution to health care
>> Just don't get hurt:...
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>>...any major structural change in the way the US
>> does it's health system will have enormous unintended
>> consequences, some of which may be very unpleasant, even if
>> foreseen by some... spike
> A good example of that would be that some things suddenly become a terrible
> investment, such as medical school.  Medical offices.  Medical equipment.
> Medical research.  Pretty much any compund noun that starts with the term
> "medical" would be something investors would flee forthwith and henceforth.
> spike

Well maybe. OTOH, if you can convince the government to buy your
medical product X for the government system, that's a nice little
earner. Also, is medical research in any way tied to private health


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