[ExI] simple solution to health care

spike spike66 at att.net
Thu Jun 25 05:12:35 UTC 2009


>...On Behalf Of Emlyn
> > ...for if the government does manage to 
> > give us all free health care, it is goodbye cruel working world for 
> > me... spike
> Wow, is healthcare really the only reason you need to work for moola?...

That's the only expense I can't handle for the rest of my life on what I
currently own.  I am a light eater and have a house, and three good cars, I
know how to fix old junk and get by on just a little, no expensive habits.
I am a champion cheap-ass.

> On a slightly related note, I had a run-in with the medical 
> system here (in Oz) on the weekend. My wife had a kidney 
> stone (sudden onset of crazy abdominal pain, rush to the 
> hospital time)... Emlyn

Owwww, so sorry to hear.  I have been there, felt like I was being torn in
half.  Do pass along to Jodie this encouraging word: it happened exactly
once, that was a long time ago.  I cut back from over half a gallon of
strong black coffee a day to less than one liter, replaced with straight
water, never a recurrance.  My father-in-law had kidney stones exactly once,
gave up vitamin supplements, never a recurrance.



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