[ExI] simple solution to health care

Morris Johnson mfj.eav at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 14:37:40 UTC 2009

"Spend 4 billion/ year for 1K2 Sask. people for:
-Average lifespan 10 years > within 15 years.
-Period of vibrant healthspan to average >95% of lifespan.
-Enable Knowledge empowered participation in proactive
regenerative/enhancement type activity.
-> QALY delivered per each 1000 $ spent on medicare annually.
-Manage Moral Hazard factor socially acceptably & ethically
-Results based VS Activity Based health economy

These are my pre-requisites for removing dysfunctionality from our
public medicare system
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Yes Spike... Moral hazard, "the punishment you get for doing good
works" is the difference between self administered, paid, unregulated
health care and private and public insurance.

Public systems have the most difficulty eliminating the moral hazard.
Private systems can be crude and sneaky to deny coverage, increase
premiums, put criterias on coverage.  Public systems are famous for
rationing through waiting lists and elimination of the unworthy by
waiting them out till they are dead.

The desire to be free to do whatever you want , suffer the
consequences and then screw the system by getting equal treatment is
the cost of uncontrolled moral hazard.

Defeating moral hazard is going to have to go one level deeper.

I am brainstorming towards a policy conference this fall in our
province.  The intro is the condensed version of the issues to
incorporate into medicare 2.0 if it is to an improvement over the one
we have now.  I speak not from the outside looking in as in the USA
where a true one payer system does not exist.  I speak from the
Canadian perspective where a one payer system has been in operation
for almost 45 years.

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