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Edge 291 - June 25, 2009

(5,525 words)


This online EDGE edition with streaming video is available at:

By David M. Eagleman

"Your brain, after all, is encased in darkness and silence in the
vault of the skull. Its only contact with the outside world is via the
electrical signals exiting and entering along the super-highways of
nerve bundles. Because different types of sensory information
(hearing, seeing, touch, and so on) are processed at different speeds
by different neural architectures, your brain faces an enormous
challenge: what is the best story that can be constructed about the
outside world?"

DAVID M. EAGLEMAN is director of Baylor College of Medicine's
Laboratory for Perception and Action at Oxford University, whose
long-range goal is to understand the neural mechanisms of time
perception. He also directs BCM's Initiative on Law, Brains, and
Behavior, which seeks to determine how new discoveries in neuroscience
will change our laws and criminal justice system. He is the author of
Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives..

>From WHAT'S NEXT?  Dispatches on the Future of Science Edited By Max Brockman

Sam Harris v. Philip Ball "What should science do?" ... Sam Harris and
Philip Ball discuss the conflict between religion and science. They do
not agree… [...]

Charlie Rose's "A conversation about Personalized Medicine with Steven
Pinker, Anne Wojcicki, George Church and Linda Avey [...]

"A. C. Grayling on a neuroscientist's attempt to "rewire her own brain." [...]

"[Howard] Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences was a great idea
and worth investigating. It's just not panning out. Hanging on to the
theory for nostalgic or political value is not science. It's time that
we begin to work with the reality that we have, not the one we wish we
had. To do otherwise would be just plain stupid." [...]

Sean Carroll Science and Religion are Not Compatible [...]

"What getting mugged taught Douglas Rushkoff about the financial crisis" [...]

Michael Shermer "... the scientific method is the best tool ever
devised to discriminate between true and false patterns, to
distinguish between reality and fantasy, and to detect baloney". [...]

Josh Timomen's first RDF TV Video — Michael Shermer's "The Baloney
Detection Kit" [...]

Sean Carroll Are we living in the Golden age of cosmology?" [...]

PZ Myers: "They want to blur the boundaries between legitimate
science, which questions traditional dogma, and religion, which is
traditional dogma, by playing favorites with religion in a game that
apes scientific institutions."[...]

"Correspondence regarding the Templeton Foundation: Richard Dawkins,
Daniel Dennett, AC Grayling, Edwin Cartlidge" [...]

Sharon Begley on Evo-Psych & Wilson, Gould, Buss, Miller— "Why Do We
Rape, Kill and Sleep Around?"[...]

Tim Radford re-reads Pinker's Blank Slate — "Are We Prisoners of Our



"A captivating collection of essays ... a medley of big ideas." --
Amanda Gefter, NEW SCIENTIST

Edited By Max Brockman

Vintage Books

If these authors are the future of science, then the science of the
future will be one exciting ride! Find out what the best minds of the
new generation are thinking before the Nobel Committee does. A
fascinating chronicle of the big, new ideas that are keeping young
scientists up at night.
-- Daniel Gilbert, author of STUMBLING ON NHAPPINESS

"A preview of the ideas you're going to be reading about in ten years."
- Steven Pinker, author of THE STUFF OF THOUGHT

"Brockman has a nose for talent."
- Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author THE BLACK SWAN

"Capaciously accessible, these writings project a curiosity to which
followers of science news will gravitate." - BOOKLIST


Edited by John Brockman
With An Introduction By BRIAN ENO

Harper Perennial

The world's finest minds have responded with some of the most
insightful, humbling, fascinating confessions and anecdotes, an
intellectual treasure trove. ... Best three or four hours of intense,
enlightening reading you can do for the new year. Read it now."
San Francisco Chronicle

"The splendidly enlightened Edge website (www.edge.org) has rounded
off each year of inter-disciplinary debate by asking its heavy-hitting
contributors to answer one question. I strongly recommend a visit."

"A great event in the Anglo-Saxon culture." EL MUNDO

"As fascinating and weighty as one would imagine." THE INDEPENDENT

"They are the intellectual elite, the brains the rest of us rely on to
make sense of the universe and answer the big questions. But in a
refreshing show of new year humility, the world's best thinkers have
admitted that from time to time even they are forced to change their

"Even the world's best brains have to admit to being wrong sometimes:
here, leading scientists respond to a new year challenge." THE TIMES

"Provocative ideas put forward today by leading figures." THE TELEGRAPH

The world's finest minds have responded with some of the most
insightful, humbling, fascinating confessions and anecdotes, an
intellectual treasure trove. ... Best three or four hours of intense,
enlightening reading you can do for the new year. Read it now." SAN

"As in the past, these world-class thinkers have responded to
impossibly open-ended questions with erudition, imagination and

"A jolt of fresh thinking...The answers address a fabulous array of
issues. This is the intellectual equivalent of a New Year's dip in the
lake - bracing, possibly shriek-inducing, and bound to wake you up."

"Answers ring like scientific odes to uncertainty, humility and doubt;
passionate pleas for critical thought in a world threatened by blind
convictions." THE TORONTO STAR

"For an exceptionally high quotient of interesting ideas to words,
this is hard to beat. ...What a feast of egg-head opinionating!"


This online EDGE edition with streaming video is available at:

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