[ExI] left on iran

spike spike66 at att.net
Fri Jun 26 09:31:32 UTC 2009

I am puzzled by the U.S. left's take on Iran.  The uprising has so much in
common with the student protests of the 1960s here, such as the riots at
Kent State U and Berkeley.  The current protests have it all: students,
gays, women, protesting peacefully, calling for human rights, free speech,
basic freedom.  They are being beaten and killed by the military, the
police, corrupt religious fundamentalist government, a blatantly rigged
election, oh this shameful scene really has it all, in black and white.

So why does the US left seem to have a strangely muted reaction, instead of
what I would have expected, raving apoplexy?  The press seems to strike a
puzzling neutral stance.  Where is Hollyweird Inc?  Where are the feminists?
Where is the speak-truth-to-power crowd?  Where are the washed-up movie
stars getting air time telling the world about how evil is the Iranian



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