[ExI] Anti-deterrence weapons

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> >So in that scenario, 
> > THAAD has saved Hawaii and North Korea.
> I bet North Korea doesn't have the capability period...

Betting Hawaii?  Plenty of people are making that bet Dan.  Good luck

>  Yes, 
> it can fire a missile that can go probably as far as Hawaii, 
> but it lacks the capability to hit a target.  My guess is 
> they probably would, at best, get something within a few 
> hundred miles of the target... Dan

This notion is what I read in the press.

In an earlier post, I mentioned that long range navigation, guidance and
control of a rocket is a remarkably difficult technical problem.  Assuming
the old time techniques, I know for sure I couldn't do it, even given a
dozen of my NG&C colleagues, chosen by me.  But assuming access to GPS
signals, the problem becomes dramatically easier.  Hell I think I could
write an algorithm that would suffice to drop a payload within about a
coupla km CEP of a target, which would be accurate enough to raise holy

Looks to me like Hawaii is now in range and within accuracy of a guy who is
threatening a firestorm of retaliation on the US if the UN does exactly what
it says it intends to do.  Good luck THAAD, and good luck Hawaii.  The world
is betting that you are safe.


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