[ExI] left on iran

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Sat Jun 27 15:21:34 UTC 2009

Dan ha scritto:

> There might be some fear that any condemnation might be used as a
> pretext for intervention...

The only fear is that the condemn could be used as a pretext from the
IRI government to crack down without scruples over the protesters.
Not that the IRI government have any problem to crack down the
protesters with any and all excuses it find fit, true or not.
You know, I suppose, of the Iranian - Canadian journalists that had a
cerebral bleeding and died in the Evin jail under IRI custody. Natural
causes, they told. As natural as a few club hit on the head.

> I condemn the Iranian regime (and all
> regimes for that matter), but don't think it should be an invitation
> for the West to militarily (or "covertly"*) intervene.**  

Do you think that Benny Soetoro would have the gut to intervene?
Or do you think Gordon Brown, Sarkozy, Merkle or Berlusconi would
intervene without the support of the US?
or do you think that the people that would covertly intervene wait for
an excuse to do so?

But, why IRI have the right to intervene in any place of the world it
like (say Argentina- do you know what IRI did in Argentina?) and to the
west? Or they have not the right and the left is silent on this?

> I have
> nothing against individuals, of course, privately helping Iranians to
> overthrow their state. (Of course, my hope is that they don't
> replace it with a worse one.)

In many places this is against the law.

> There could also be the view that since Bush was anti-Iran (and
> actually, IMO, among his many idiotic moves was not to open trade
> with Iran when Khatami was president, but instead continued the
> policy of demonization), those on the Left should be skeptical of
> Iran being bad.

You mischaracterize.

It is not Iran, or the iranian people, that is bad. It is the tugs that
hold the power and kill their people that are bad. Or better, evil.

What trust can exist with people that is willing to kill their
countrymen with axes to keep their power? I would say none.

What trust Israel could have with people that talk publicly about
deleting them out of the map, when these people do the same with their
countrymen? I would say none.

They live by the sword, for the power it give them. To use the power to
enslave, control, exploit others. They show that they are willing and
able to kill, they show they are willing to do it as much as it is free
from serious consequences for them.

To think that these will not strike at you if and when there is
something for them to gain is wishful thinking.


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