[ExI] Penrose Conjecture -- Quantum Consciousness

Jeff Davis jrd1415 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 21:18:07 UTC 2009

Penrose and Hameroff seem to have partnered in the matter of
consciousness.  This paper is straight from Hameroff's website.  I
haven't finished reading it so I can't comment.


It was 1998 when I first stumbled across this business.  A certain
John McCrone was publicizing his new book about consciousness: Going
Inside: A Tour Round a Single Moment of Consciousness, and he offered
up a sample chapter, one excised from the published version of the
book.  In that chapter I discovered, and Mssr. McCrone dissed the
Penrose conjecture.  The ease of his dismissal annoyed me, seeming yet
another example of the timeworn and arrogant "It'll never work."

In the intervening ten years, much has happened, and McCrone has
updated his website:


Looks like much interesting stuff. I'll have to work my way through
it, refresh and update -- but this appears to be some form of the
chapter I read back then:


I hope y'all find this worthwhile.

Best, Jeff Davis

 "Everything's hard till you know how to do it."
                        Ray Charles

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