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Il 01/03/2009 0.53, Stefano Vaj ha scritto:
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>> Migrants have, usually, a lower IQ than the Europeans and the East Asians
>> (mainly migrants from Africa and south Asia and south America).
> I suspect it depends to a large on the migration concerned and the
> origin, reasons and nature thereof.
> I suspect for instance that the offspring of the Europeans emigrated
> in North America do not score much below the average Native
> American... :-)

There are always exceptions, so I writed "usually".
Also, it is difficult that the "european migrantes" have a lower IQ of 
the Europeans.
Then, we must understand that the migrants are not a faithful mirror of 
the people they came from.
I suppose many migrants (from Africa, for example) are more intelligent 
of the mean of their nations. They find it is simpler to come in Europe 
or America and have a future than live in their country under some 
stupid, but unscrupulous, ruler and his thugs.

I find it is a big problem to integrate a group of people that have a 
mean IQ 1 or 2 standard deviations under the IQ of the locals.
They will find themselves excluded from university and high wages jobs, 
but university and high wage jobs need, by default, an high IQ.

When the share of population with wild differences of IQ is large (in UK 
1 of 9 people is born somewhere else) things will start to go wrong, 
society will stratify and will be vulnerable to internal unrest.

But this is another topic.


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