[ExI] Cass Sunstein: Regulation Czar

Michael Gunzip gunzip at weirdness.com
Sun Mar 1 16:26:48 UTC 2009

>> But that business of having all those czars, oy.

Agreed. At this point, we need a czar czar, to oversee all those other

>> The name "Homeland Security" creeps me out... But then President

Let's not forget that Bush initially opposed the creation of the
Department of Homeland Security as creating an unneccessary layer of
bureaucracy, and only caved on the issue after significant pressure from
the opposition.

In fact, the Dems used his opposition to creating DHS against him in a
negative ad in 2004:


Life is complicated. The fact that we now have the scarily named "Dept.
of Homeland Security" cannot be blamed on Bush alone.

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