[ExI] israelis defeat physics

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Sun Mar 8 23:46:21 UTC 2009

The evil Israelis have managed to overcome the laws of nature in their
warfare.  They have invented a bomb which causes shrapnel that severs limbs
and somehow cauterizes the resulting wounds, made a bomb which causes
buildings to mysteriously implode, and even invented a sinister particle
weapon which causes objects and people to be vaporized without a trace!
Perhaps it uses antimatter.  Or perhaps the Martians are participating on
the Israeli side!
I wouldn't ordinarily site such silliness, except that it is being promoted
by the formerly prestigious British medical journal the Lancet:
Heavy Bombs 

The use of DIME (dense inert material explosives) were evident, though it is
unsure whether depleted uranium were used in the south. In the civilian
areas, surviving patients were found to have limbs truncated by DIME, since
the stumps apart from being characteristically cut off in guillotine fashion
also fail to bleed. Bomb casing and shrapnel are extremely heavy. 

Fuel Air Explosives

Bunker busters and implosion bombs have been used . There are buildings
especially the 8 storey Science and Technology Building of the Islamic
University of Gaza which had been reduced to a pile of rubble no higher than
5-6 feet. 

Silent Bombs

People in Gaza described a silent bomb which is extremely destructive. The
bomb arrives as a silent projectile at most with a whistling sound and
creates a large area where all objects and living things are vaporized with
minimal trace. We are unable to fit this into conventional weapons but the
possibility of new particle weapons being tested should be suspected...


Shame on this formerly prestigious medical journal.  These are medical
doctors, so there is no excuse.  They have enough brains to recognize
obvious nonsense.  Shameful.



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