[ExI] What is Grace?

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> > FWIW the Germans in WWII also tried to be "ethical", for 
> the most part 
> > following the Geneva Convention regarding treatment of prisoners of 
> > war etc. Even the gas chambers were devised as a humane 
> solution for 
> > the Jewish problem, in the same way that US states which execute 
> > prisoners today try to convince themselves that they are 
> not carrying 
> > out "cruel and unusual punishment". The enemy are scum and probably 
> > deserve to die, but because we are so noble we will spare 
> them when we 
> > can and kill them kindly when we must.
> > --
> > Stathis Papaioannou
> Stathis, was this really necessary?  Are you telling me you 
> don't get the difference between a condemned murderer and 
> Jewish civilians?...
> spike

Stathis et.al, someone posted me offlist about this, and offered an
interpretation of your post other than the way I originally took it.  You
were not equating convicted murderers and German Jewish civilians, but
rather pointing out that the populace can be led to do monsterous things
under certain circumstances, and can fool themselves into thinking anything
is ethical.  This isn't very different from a popular thread that has been
going around the net recently, and one that Keith has pointed out on a
number of occasions. 

If that is what you meant, I offer my apologies for misinterpretation.  

Fair game, play ball!


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