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>  Just recently GOOGLE stock closed under 300 dollars. As almost 85% of web
> searching is done via it, there stood no reason for this decline from 600
> dollars  a few months ago.
> While trying to find out why , I know the market has crashed but this
> company  has 85% market share, I ran across this article concerning WOLFRAM
> ALPHA which stated that it will be the new GOOGLE.
> http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/03/08/wolfram-alpha-computes-answers-to-factual-questions-this-is-going-to-be-big/
> Thought I would share it with you

I'm skeptical of anything that claims to be the new _something that already

dude 1: "It's like sliced bread, only better... because the slices go in
another dimension"
dude 2: "Isn't that just another kind of sliced bread?"
dude 1: "No, this is awesomer... 'cuz it's new."

The next interface to internet content will be some of google, some of a
dozen other ideas and some kind of fledgling not-quite-yet-AI to glue all
the existing pieces together.

WolframAlpha is no doubt high profile (with status and funding to match).
However, these guys have also been at it for a while:

How many other efforts exist that are either entirely private or simply
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