[ExI] What is Grace?

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> > Criminals convicted of capital crimes should be frozen, and 
> reanimated 
> > at such time as we understand how to cure the condition 
> which led to 
> > the capital crime.
> It seems you would reject retribution as a reason for 
> punishment. Yes? 
> A convicted murderer frozen in 2009 might awaken to a much 
> more wonderful world in 2109. 
> -gts

I do.  I see prison primarily as a societal safety mechanism.  Example, a
common street thug steals fifty dollars with a knife while a financier
steals fifty billion with a smile.  If I could choose only one to lock up,
it would be the knifer, for she is the one who presents a clear and present
danger to me (and thee) if she is allowed to run in the streets.  A frozen
murderer concerns me not at all, nor do I worry it might be a reward in a
sense.  If we freeze murderers, we must offer the dewar to volunteers as

Nowthen, I wouldn't object if the financier were to be "invited" to attend a
rally of those who lost their money.



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