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>  Though, to be "fair", if you're under a time constraint for 
> actionable intelligence. a blowtorch to the genitals might 
> speed things up a bit, though frankly, I find it difficult to 
> think or speak clearly when my balls are on fire.  YMMV.)

Under those conditions I would answer any question they ask, so long as they
ask questions to which the answer is YEEEEEOOWWWWWWW!
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> Then Scott Pelley asks Piro breathlessly and in disbelief --
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ua8udRUOt4 -- why Saddam kept their
> destruction a secret.   At which point we begin to here the echo
> chamber calling...

It wasn't that he kept their destruction secret, rather he gave indications
to the contrary.  He interfered with the UN inspectors.  Why?  We were
getting mixed signals on whether Saddam was interfering.  Scott Ritter said
he wasn't, or not substantially.  Hans Blix said he was.  My recollection of
the treaty signed in 1991 had no authority in there for Saddam to eject UN
weapons inspectors.  

As I recall this UN resolution 1441 was the last chance for peace:


Saddam didn't comply with UN 1441.  He didn't want to look weak in a
dangerous neighborhood.  In retrospect, we now understand that sentiment a
lot better than we did then.

My recollection of the events just before the invasion was that there was
plenty of uncertainty on Saddam.  Even former ambassador Joe Wilson, who
claimed to have gone to Niger and supposedly talked to some people, wasn't
sure enough of anything to actually write a report.  Why?  He claims he told
this and that to such and such a person, but we can find no one who can back
up anything he was supposed to have uttered, and of course he never actually
wrote a report.  Why didn't he write a report?  After the fact and no
weapons were found, THEN everyone everywhere came out claiming they felt all
along the invasion should never have happened.  After they went in and found
nothing, THEN everyone was quite certain.  But not before.


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