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Sun Mar 15 21:37:44 UTC 2009


> ...On Behalf Of Lee Corbin

Hi Lee, welcome back!

> But far more importantly---a point steadfastly and absurdly 
> ignored by our present system---is the hideous relative 
> injustice inflicted on the weaker of the prisoners by the 
> stronger...

Ja, perhaps they need to match cellmates by weight, as we do in boxing and
rassling, with corrections made for age.
> Often I think that the best solution is solitary confinement...Severe,
yes, but not inhuman. But alas,
> even my suggestion fails because some people (unlike me) would
> completely fall apart, go quite mad, and find it absolutely
> agonizing... Lee

I am eager to hear Keith's commentary on this notion.  It seems if one is
given 24/7 access to the internet, then solitary might be highly preferred
over any other arrangement.  It wouldn't be nearly as lonely, boring and
dangerous as it is now, ja?  The domain name could be @slammer.com or
something, so the real bad guys couldn't do crimes as easily from inside.
They could learn new skills for when they get out, give the illiterate
prisoners motivation to learn language skills, make legitimate business
contacts, etc.  Hell I use much of my free time trolling around on the
internet anyways.  It has become the modern university.  Actually the
internet is superior to traditional universities in some important ways.  

Seems that supplying internet connections to every cell would be cheaper
than all that exercise equipment I hear so much about, which just results in
prisoners being released into society as bitter musclebound predators.

Jedi master Keith, teach us please.



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