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Mon Mar 16 01:37:17 UTC 2009

Apologies for overposting today.  I will not make a habit of it. 
This link is a twelve minute video by the son of a colleague.  Comments
welcome.  This young man is a monster talent emerging in the movie industry.
This short story will make a lot more sense if you know a little of the
background.  Kurt Kuenne worked for several years in a Los Angeles Spaghetti
Factory, while he wrote short films like this one.  I saw some of his work
when he was in high school and recognized that he has amazing young talent.
He also wrote all the music as well.  The main character is the brother of
Angelina Jolie.  I thought Rent-a-Person was a great rookie card.
If you want to post comments here, I will pass them along to the author:
This is another one by the same writer/director.
Wouldn't it be nice if Hollyweird produced stuff like this instead of what
is coming out of there now?
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