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If you are right, I will at some time in the future be proven wrong, and I
will shrug and spend time on other things.

If you are wrong, you will be on the record as a climate change denier, for
all the world, and as the millions
die around you, some people may be inclined to look you up and (proverbially
I hope) string you up to the nearest
lamp post.

The stakes are very high for deniers, and they might up the subject in mob
violence. Someone out there is
maintaining a list with quotes and dates, spike. Will you sleep soundly as
continents shrivel, millions starve,
sealevels rise and hurricanes thrash economies and countries?

2009/3/15 spike <spike66 at att.net>

> It is so puzzling.  What happens if we keep taking measuring and find that
> the recent climate data indicates the globe is actually cooling?  See black
> line on Roy Spencer's curve:
> http://www.drroyspencer.com/latest-global-temperatures/
> Would we then theorize that global cooling will kill us a lot faster than
> will warming (we are Africans after all), and that humans are causing it,
> and if so what would we do?
> 1) Would we stick with the notion that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide
> warms the earth, and so we reverse all the Kyoto accords to mandate
> emitting
> more of the stuff to offset the cooling?  Or
> 2) would we theorize that somehow there is an unknown mechanism that carbon
> dioxide emissions somehow increase cloud cover and scatter more solar
> energy, and so we need to restrict CO2 emissions anyway? Or
> 3) ignore the data as faulty, misleading or politically motivated, and keep
> insisting that the globe will eventually warm due to scientific theory?
>  For
> how long?
> I am not being my usual snarky self here, I am asking what do we do if we
> keep having fewer hurricanes instead of more, and the measured global
> average temperature appears to be dropping?
> spike
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