[ExI] last chapter of darwin's origin of species

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Mon Mar 16 23:05:20 UTC 2009

All of Darwin's book is excellent, but the last chapter soars with eagles.
If you only have ten minutes, do consider using those ten minutes to read
this stunning last chapter of Origin of the Species:
What amazes and impresses me about Darwin's book is how this man really
observed beasts, carefully and diligently observed them.  In his day he had
no underlying unifying theory, so everything was observational.
So impressive is the way Darwin puzzled and puzzled over ants in chapter 7:
Notable is this, not just because I am a huge fan of ants but because Darwin
was so convincing as he drives home the notion that nature is
comprehensible, that her mysteries really can be understood thru diligent
observation and rigorous application of logic.
The whole thing is here:
Isn't it amazing how well this work has aged?  After 150 years, it still has
so much to say to us, and so much of it is right on the money.  What other
scientific work is like that?  Newton's Principia.  Einstein's special
relativity.  Others?
Check this, Is this the coolest thing you ever saw or what?
What I want to know is if they only recently started doing this.  The video
makes it sound that way.  Do they do it only at SeaWorld?  Did the dolphins
really develop a technology, a toy, right in front of us?
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