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> ...But most GW preachers are exclusively concerned with restoring 
> > the peace of Gaia, the rest is details...
> http://www.steekr.com/n/50-17/share/LNK361149bedca6a142a/
> Keith

Hi Keith, this is a great pitch.  I did have one comment on cosmetics: on
those pages where you have really big font, do consider reducing the font
size without changing the text.  It is OK to have a lotta white space on a
slide with normal sized font, try it out.  

That is a technique used a lot at the rocket ranch: if you have a comment
you want to emphasize, you put it in ordinary font all alone on its own
slide, centered left to right and top to bottom, with plenty of white space
everywhere.  I took it to an extreme, by putting the really important
takeaway message in two sizes smaller font, by itself on its own slide,
because then it is like lowering one's voice for the punchline, or
whispering really juicy watercooler gossip, and everyone gets quiet and
leans forward a bit.  {8^D


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