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2009/3/12 Frank McElligott <Frankmac at ripco.com>:
> Just recently GOOGLE stock closed under 300 dollars. As almost 85% of web
> searching is done via it, there stood no reason for this decline from 600
> dollars  a few months ago.
> While trying to find out why , I know the market has crashed but this
> company  has 85% market share, I ran across this article concerning WOLFRAM
> ALPHA which stated that it will be the new GOOGLE.
> http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/03/08/wolfram-alpha-computes-answers-to-factual-questions-this-is-going-to-be-big/
> Thought I would share it with you

Yeah, it'll be interesting to see what this new thing is like.

(btw, do you just mash the keyboard with your fist when writing the
subject line? What gives there?)


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