[ExI] Transhumanist online magazines

Tom Nowell nebathenemi at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Mar 18 11:02:12 UTC 2009

I decided to check out the latest issue of http://www.hplusmagazine.com/ as I hadn't heard anything about the magazine since its launch. The second issue is just as well-presented as the first, but I feel the articles are a little bit shorter and less in-depth than in the first issue. There's still a lot of good stuff in it though.

While checking out the Basic Income newsletter that James Hughes occasionally circulates, I decided to look at a few of the websites mentioned. One caught my eye by title alone - http://www.smi2le.org/docs/journal_eng.php

Maybe I've read too much Timothy Leary when younger, but I thought I'd check it out. Well, it turns out this is the website for a Ukrainian futurist webzine, with versions in English, Ukrainian, Russian and German. It's point of view is a bit different to many US-centred transhumanist publications, so I found it interesting.

Does anyone else have any transhumanist webzine reviews?



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