[ExI] israelis defeat physics

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Wed Mar 18 21:29:17 UTC 2009

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> http://www.aapor.org/aaporfindsgilbertburnhaminviolationofethicscode
> AAPOR Finds Gilbert Burnham in Violation of Ethics Code
>> Press Release – February 4, 2009
>> AAPOR Finds Gilbert Burnham in Violation of Ethics Code


>>...AAPOR's investigation of Burnham began in March 2008, after receiving
>> a complaint from a member.

Who was the member?  What was the basis of his/her complaint?

Remember what was done to Valerie Plame/Joe Wilson when he dared to
blow the whistle on the Bush cabal's ongoing plan to lie the US into a
war with Iraq?  This looks to me like the same deal, with Burnham
refusing to cooperate in the effort to ruin him.

Note that nowhere is the validity of the methodology, the data, or the
results of the study called into question.

So who was the complaining member?  Another member of the pro-Israeli
smear bund?  The accused has the right to confront the witnesses
against him.

Jeff Davis

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