[ExI] israelis defeat physics

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Il 18/03/2009 19.45, Stefano Vaj ha scritto:
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>> This is a standard arab / muslim procedure. To take hostages to force people
>> to do things they don't like. Obviusly is a stupid thing to do with the
>> wrong people.

> Indeed. But even worse is *releasing* the hostages in exchange for
> nothing when the damage is done.

Well, keeping them would not do anything good for him.
As someone stated at the time, one hostage or two are human cases and it 
is possible to negotiate, two hundreds are statistics and are too much 
to negotiate anythings.
With the hostages in Saddam hands, the western governments would be 
forced to continue the war until any and all of the were freed.

> Sure, this is armchair strategism, and in hindsight. But yet, some
> people appear to have been mostly unlucky, some others appear to have
> added much of their own.

Saddam, like many others, was a man that rode a tiger.
Usually, the first time they fall it is also the last time they fall.


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