[ExI] Power sats and the industrial development of space (was global waming again)

deimtee deimtee at optusnet.com.au
Tue Mar 24 09:02:10 UTC 2009

Bryan Bishop wrote:

>On Tue, Mar 24, 2009 at 1:37 AM, Jeff Davis <jrd1415 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>Sure be nice to know how much that mini combine would weigh. �Yo,
>>Bryan, care to comment? �What basic tool set would my thousand
>>hamster-sized robots need in order to process the raw materials, build
>>the moon base, and make more bots? �Minimum mass; lunar regolith
>>starting materials;...
>That really depends on the context. What gets to become a vitamin
>part, and what has to be made on the spot? I'd start by looking over
>Freitas' KSRM book for a list of the different types of tools that you
>might need. Recently I saw a good paper on a thermodynamic analysis of
>different manufacturing processes, which might provide a starting
>point for energetically-analyzed processes (as opposed to just random
>guessing about the parametric variables). This is partly why I've been
>wanting to do a diagram-based explanation of what it takes to build
>different manufacturing process units, i.e. the dependency
>requirements of the machines, such as what it requires to build those
>machines that build the machines, and whether or not they are
>satisfied by machines already "in use" or "on the list". It's a big
>job, certainly something that could be computerized .. if I had more
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A major part of your minimum startup mass is going to be the 
communications infrastructure.
It is going to have to land working, and running hundreds to thousands 
of simultaneous video and control channels between here and the moon is 
going to be pretty non-trivial.
(Although at least the station on the moon would only have to track a 
very limited range of movement of the ground stations for the Earth-Moon 

Personally, I would operate one of the hamsters for free, but given the 
time and training investment, I would need to value the equity at being 
worth whatever fees you charged before I would pay much to run one.


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