[ExI] Power sats and the industrial development of space

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> I think Mr. Henson is a bit too much worried about Peak Oil and what think
> could do to our civilization. His react like the man that knowing that the
> near river will probably flood his house start digging and building a dam
> moving the earth with a shovel and don't think that could do it better
> building a wheelbarrow to move the earth. He is captived in the "There is no
> time, I/We/Them must act immediately or the sky will fall" mindset.

I'm inclined to agree, Mirco, but who can be sure?  I personally think
peak oil is wrong.  And that the energy shortage "problem" will,
despite the hand wringing and doomsaying, succumb to pedestrian market
forces and unanticipated new tech (silicon-based tech -- PV and chip
electronics -- is godawful expensive, only justified by the HUGE
payoff.  The huge expense leads to the false -- momentarily axiomatic
-- presumption that it has to be that way), all it would take is a bit
of a breakthrough resulting in PV on plastic sheeting only slightly
more expensive than the plastic bags you get at the supermarket, and
the whole "energy shortage" thing evaporates, like it never existed
(and the global warming thing with it).


Still, Keith could be right.  He's no dilletante, and lots of other
smart folks agree as well.  If he's right, then his urgency is
compelling.  Gotta respect that.

Still, I remain unconvinced.  Haven't heard the fat lady sing yet.

Best, Jeff Davis

  "Everything's hard till you know how to do it."
                          Ray Charles

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