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> >... It's us against them, and those of *us* who don't realize
> > that---those idiots among us---are just helping us dig
> > our own graves.

You equate and confuse (a) people who would like criminals rehabilitated
through humane ways and
(b) me.

I'd love to see all criminals rehabilitated through humane means. I even
think trying so is
cost effective. I do not think punishment works. I do not think the death
penalty works.
I think that a retributive or draconian society has cots far outweighing the
benefits. I prefer
to live in a tolerant, humane society. Furthermore, I do not agree with many
of the morals
of the society I live in. In fact, whereas I would loathe a pedosexual
rapist who killed a
9-year old to avoid discovery after having sodomized the child (extreme
case) I have seen
cases of (extreme case) a 13 year old girl having a relationship with a 35
year old man,
in which she took initiative, seduced the man, was clearly and unambiguously
her intellectual
superior and exploited the man as lifestock. And thats just the current
taboo du jour,
pedosexuality. Lets not get into US copyright laws, iranian laws on
homosexuality, singapore
laws on cannabis, and other such historical stupidities.

Let me be plain - I have no problem whatsoever to assess an animal as
dangerous and put
it in humane conditions, in a cage. If giger aliens were to travel to earth,
I would be all for them
locked in a corrosive steel prison in perpetuity. I would be against them
being incinerated,
solely because they were the evilest species in existence. However if a
person or animal
were an acute danger to the innocent we are forced to respond. I simply
wouldn't trust a
'Shoggoth' in that same containment - such a monster would imply an acute
threat and I would
be all for exterminating it.

I am against the death penalty. I am against torture. I am for trying to
rehabilitate. But if
the cost of rehabilitation is insurmountable, society has the obligation to
house, incarcerate
and care for this wretched human, in a manner that is not far below the
level of care which
we give our geriatric patients.  If society is a dirt poor third world
nation, treat the worst of
criminals in about the same way as the worst or poorest off in that society
are treated.

Alas, this is a opinion, and I cannot imprint my ideas of what makes a human
an enlightened
soul or a merciless bastard upon any here.
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