[ExI] The Parallels and Convergences: Mormon Thought and Engineering Vision Conference

Brent Allsop brent.allsop at comcast.net
Wed Mar 25 00:57:33 UTC 2009


Of course that is the way you, and most higher than average intelligence 
people see it.  But a lot of people, especially lots of women, when they 
here something like: "highly oppressive patriarchal top-down system" 
they ask: 'where do I sign up?'  Until we have true ability to rewire 
some of these primitive less than intelligent animalistic tendencies in 
the common person, things will remain problematic, as long as we keep 
doing the same old same old trarnshumanism is still doing. (i.e. 
ignoring the less than common man).

Many people in this world just aren't as intelligent and self sufficient 
as the few of us transhumanists are.  They don't have the brains, or 
perhaps just the interest, required to see how important transhumanist 
and such ideas are.  They just value different things than we do.  And 
there is no problem with that right?  Because of their differences, they 
excel where we fail.

And THIS is where mormonism has a great legacy, especially compared to 
the miserable failure to be able to organize and work together the 
transhumanist movement has struggled with forever.  The transhumanist 
movement, in the past, just hasn't had what is required to bring the 
transhumanist message to, in a way that it can help the real common 
person, including the less than common.

That's one of the reasons I like to call myself a Mormon Transhumanist 
Atheists.  Not only do I just want everyone to get along, and recognize 
that we don't all have to be just chocolate, or strawbery, but also that 
the more we all work together, especially doing well organized 
missionary like work to the masses of common and less than common 
people, the faster we will usher in the millennium, um, I mean the 

The goal is to definitely be a transition to something with less 
primitive faults, and to help them with this, but not to in any way 
limit diversity of desires, hopes, and beliefs, or expect them to be 
just like us.  We'll never get anywhere as long as we have this abandon 
and leave them all behind as long as they don't want to do things my way 

We can always do things faster being well organized and working 
together, especially enabling and pulling in the less than common 
person, than we can do it alone right?


Damien Broderick wrote:
> At 05:17 PM 3/24/2009 -0600, Brent wrote:
>> religious people, for the first time, not waiting for God to reveal 
>> everything and / or come down and save them, bet getting involved and 
>> engineering heaven for themselves, all according to their now 
>> progressing faith and hopes that grew out of their great legacy.
> This is an encouraging development, but one I would hope is a 
> transitional stage leading to escape from the bogosity intrinsic to 
> all theistic religions (however admirable many of their adherents). I 
> do have to ask: what is "their great legacy"? From what I've read, 
> their great legacy was a highly oppressive patriarchal top-down system 
> based on a colossal lie, with, for the longest time, racist exclusion 
> of blacks, sexist sequestration of women to those with most power, 
> followed by apparent renunciation of this unpleasantness for purely 
> political motives, and with lesser assaults on reason such as the 
> absurd concoctions concerning American prehistory and the status of 
> native Americans... This looks to me like a sorry legacy that should 
> fill adherents with shame and a wish to renounce it. So what am I 
> missing here? They support family life, perhaps? So does any moral 
> system based on empathy and common sense; I don't think any group gets 
> special brownie points for not beating or abandoning or drugging their 
> kids, murdering each other, or walking on their hind legs.
> Damien Broderick
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