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> Subject: Re: [ExI] exxon bad guy? punishment
> Spike writes
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> >> Next will you say that Exxon executives don't steal... Lee
> > 
> > Hi Lee, is there an Exxon biggie stealing?...

> Huh? Maybe I'm confused...
> Well---into my tirade substitute X, where X is the famous 
> scandal-ridden corporation of the last years. Lee

I was a little slow on that one Lee, shoulda realized you meant Enron.  I
bet the Exxon biggies were sweating a bit when they heard that Enron biggies
had been stealing, because of the similarity in the sound of the names.

This reminds me of a funny story about the last computer upgrade at the
rocket ranch.  They bought a bunch of computers from a company called Lenovo
or Ienovo.  I couldn't tell from the company logo which is spelled with a
lower case l.  see the logo at the top left at this site:


You can see how this logo would ordinarily be interpreted as Ienovo, with an
upper case I.  So I googled to determine if it is Ienovo or Lenovo, and
found there is a company called Ienovo and another company called Lenovo,
both of which sell computer stuff:


So clearly someone is ripping off someone else's brand name.  Don't know
which came first.  Anyone?

I am thinking of starting a company and calling it 1enovo.  This would have
two advantages: this name comes up first in the phone books, and also, when
the companies accuses me of misappropriating their intellectual property, I
will insist to each that I was ripping off only the other one.

Better idea: intentionally start two companies, one called Oenovo with a
capital Oscar and the other called 0enovo, with a leading zero.  Then figure
out ways to confound the public with cleverness.  Suggestions welcome.  Have
your two companies sue each other, and represent them both, for instance, or
have them sell stuff to each other in exchange for each other's stock, then
create derivatives based on each other.  Then sell the whole toxic mess to a
third party and claim your companies are too big to fail.  Demand the
American taxpayer bail you out.


It's a tragic thing that I only come up with good ideas about either humor
or stuff that is perfectly useless.  Or both.

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