[ExI] church is sexy: was The sky is falling!

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Fri Mar 27 14:34:00 UTC 2009


> ...On Behalf Of Rafal Smigrodzki
> > If the amount of money spent on a belief is a measure of 
> how seriously 
> > that belief should be taken, what do you make of religion?
> >
> ### Good question. Religion appears to fulfill some basic 
> needs that many people feel, and their generosity is an 
> expression of that.
> However, for the vast majority of religious people, it is a 
> service they buy, not an investment made to increase their 
> future earnings.
> Religion is in a similar infotainment category to romance 
> novels, or ESPN subscriptions, and comparing it to oil 
> futures investment would a be a category error... Rafal

Once again Rafal nails it perfectly.  Religion incorporated provides the
buyer with a nice environment once a week, where they can go and find nice
people, who treat each other nice, dressed up in their nicest clothing, and
everyone being nice.  For a lot of them, this is the only time and place
they go all week where they find large quantities of nice.  But there is
another related factor which is far too often overlooked: church is an
extremely sexually charged environment.  For many of the kinds of people
that hang out there, this is the sexiest environment they ever see, the only
place where they find large quantities of sexy.

This may not ring true for many here, but it really is this way for many.
When in doubt, I recommend a visit to perhaps the sexiest church of all:


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