[ExI] If Politicians were Innocent and Honest

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Il 27/03/2009 7.29, Stathis Papaioannou ha scritto:

> Lucifer was also the archetypal rebel. What annoys me about religion
> (apart from the fact that it isn't true) is that we are expected to
> submit to, worship, praise, obey, love, adore etc. God simply
> because we are his creatures - or else. I think there is something
> noble in characters like Lucifer or Dostoevsky's Ivan Karamazov  who
> accept that God exists but still reject him.

Well, the theology is different for the different religions.
For example, the Christian God is not a vengeful god as He love His
creatures. Also the Jews God is not a vengeful God, because it is know
to respect the Alliance with Israel. The Islamic God is know to be
vengeful and voluble (this is because they continuously praise him).

The devil is different in all these religion:
in Christianity is the rebel that wanted to overthrow God and take His
In Islam is the rebel that don't wanted to bow to Adam when Allah ordered
the angels to do so (never mind adoring Adam would be idolatrous and so
against Islam, but Allah is know to asking something and its opposite in
the time).
In the Talmud it is an agent of God, there to test the people and their

> In Kabbalistic literature and its derivative, Hasidic literature, the
> Satan is seen as an agent of God whose job is to tempt one into sin,
> and then turn around and accuse the sinner on high. An additional
> understanding of Satan is from a parable to a prostitute who is hired
> by the King (God) to tempt his son (a Jew). The prostitute has to do
> the best she can to tempt the son; but deep down she hopes the son
> will pass the test. Similarly, Kabbalistic/Hasidic thought sees the
> Satan in the same situation. His job is to tempt us as best he can;
> turn around and accuse us; but deep down his wish is that we would
> resist his blandishments.


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