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> I'm outraged too, but Mr. Ratzinger's actual argument isn't (as far as I
> can tell) as stupid and

untruthful as it seems. He's not denying that condoms mitigate the exchange
> of fluids, but

rather that using condoms for sexual contact other than totally faithful
> penis-vaginal intromission

with one's spouse *encourages* risky sexual behavior, including kinds that
> make one vulnerable

to AIDS. The logic is sort of plausible; after all, it's exactly what
> happened when contraceptive

pills allowed women to fuck with abandon, and led to a rash (as it were) of
> venereal disease

epidemics in communities where they had been somewhat unknown.

You have a naieve perception of human nature. I boldly claim that throughout
all of history, in both puritan or depraved periods, the level of
fornication, adultery,
sodomy or any variation there off has been flat unchanging high. As in as
as possible. Only the level og hypocrisy has fluctuated a little. Anyone who
doesn't believe me, please hire me to do field research!

What the pope is worried about, rather, is not the spread of disease, or the

painful and anguished withering away of infected people. In fact, the latter
is good
for business. This wretched liar is more worried, on a theoretical level,
with the
abstract of the immortal sole, which can be worn down by abstract categories
of what he labels sin. His website reasoning is, and precise choice of
may vary, is that his lobby has an inalienable, eternal and exclusive
ability to
save humans from being devoured in a mighty celestial struggle of
proportions and
magnificence bigger both The Great Wall Of Galaxies or The Great Attractor,
many times over.

This man is obviously as deluded as the nut who smears the walls of his cell
with feces claiming it keeps out the ghosts. Under any other circumstances
pope would be heavily medicated.

What does in fact drive this publicity agency is perpetuation, like it does
with any
business. The pope, (at some animal instinctive gutter level ordinarily
associated with
sinister rouge jesuit backdoor whispering) know his business is under
threat. He
knows what people stop believing this crap and stick with the movement. The
conclusion was reached independently by some people in the Gaza strip, and
it is
simple - the pope needs squallor, ghettoes, social stratification, endemic
statistical grades of misery, demographic anguish to subsist. The pope needs
juice up the collective Thalamus of humanity, because wellfed, educated and
big apartment middle class human beings have very little impetus to keep the
polished and the delicious castrati quireboys bobbing their precious angelic
up  and down under the silken frocks of the annointed clergy.

I say, this man is a vampire. He keeps humans in thrall, and he does so
without a clue. This is a pavlovian system at work, where mother Theresa's
large herds of The Suffering and The Lamenting, and rationalizes the hellish
ad posterior "because it is good for the soul".

Likewise the wretched condom is a means, one of several, that might lift up
from the fetters of littering the fucking planet to death with offspring, so
that we may
prove agent Smith right and agree the human race is in fact a disease. The
sees it differently, if he sees it at all. He is busy rationalizing it from
the other side
of the Jungian shadow, concluding that god works in mysterious ways and many
sheep are needed to satisfy the Eater of Souls.
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