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Fri Mar 27 20:44:24 UTC 2009

> Nothing wrong with that, as it is a very, very bad thing the loss of
> liberty, but what has
it to do with allowing life prisoners to opt for execution? They would be in
> the best
possible position to assess their own personal preferences, wouldn't they?

They would be out of society, and that is what people want yes? These are
so depraved people don't want them in their midst and want them gone. If
that's the
case by all means, never let us blackmail them into wanting to die, but
offer them
an imprisonment such as the greedy misers of our society will afford them,
offer them
an option to die to avoid their mind rot away in prison or, if they can't
and offer them
a treatment which is absolutely certain to pacify them yet which isn't
dehumanizing as lobotomy.
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