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Call me a racist, but I do not trust the third world countries and their
leaders with large scale nuclear infrastructures. And precisely these
numbnuts need
energy the most, to get them out of the consequences of breeding as only
the unredeemed poor can do, and their natural resources being used as
respectfully as using mummies to fire steam engines.

I really don't see this happen. And what I would find unspeakably cruel, is
have 5+ billion uneducated losers in populist jungles be completely
on first world energy corporations coming to sell them electricity. That
be just ghastly.

I have the nagging fear that the rich nations, Northamerica, Japan, EU,
might have a few nasty crashes, but nothing as worse as to have people
Russia, Brazil, Mexico, India, China ... iffy.

But most of africa, the middle east, whole sections of southamerica, asia
... I
am very much worried that we will see collapses in the next decades, based
combinations of incompetence, negative human urges, crime and most of all
insufficient easy to use energy. It may stabilize, but not before mass
and unrest. Lets call that "brasilification" - teeming cities composed of
living in favellas, dependent on centralized, populist food distribution.
doing little useless oddjobs to keep society patched together, everything
saturated with despair, drugs, crime. Soweto, Gaza, Rio and the forbidden
city, all rolled into one endless fungal growth of human uselessness, places
where every morning a truck drives by to collect the gang warfare dead from
the streets

How you cure such an impasse?
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