[ExI] New Network Sitcom

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 22:44:48 UTC 2009

On 3/27/09, ben wrote:
>  It seems that this is only for /american/ extropians.
>  Apparently I'm not good enough to be allowed to view it.

Well, there are ways and means. But you have to jump through a fair
number of hoops and be a bit geekish. Is it worth the trouble to watch
a TV program?
I can't be bothered, but the following hints may help those interested.

All US-only websites or country-based restriction relies on the IP
address. Blocks of IP addresses are issued and assigned to specific
country in bulk. When an IP address is translated to be located in an
unsupported countries, access will be blocked. So in order to bypass
the IP address based blocking ban, just mask the real location with an
IP address to one within the supported country, primarily United

There are several methods of doing this.
The easiest is to use a Web based proxy server.
First, you find a US based proxy server, type in the URL you want to
access, and click GO.  Because you are bouncing through the proxy
server it will appear as though you are coming from the US.

That will work for many sites, but it also depends on the proxy
server. Some are better than others. (And some may be dangerous, to
trap the unwary).

The aol link above is actually for an ABC tv show.
When you get through to ABC, you will find that ABC insist that you
download and install their own video player software so that you are
forced to watch their ads.
(Another no no for me).

If you still want to do this, your pc has to meet ABC's requirements.
512MB Windows XP/Vista - Internet Explorer, Firefox
Mac - Firefox, Safari.
(Linux need not apply).

If you are *still* determined to watch their tv, go to this proxy list site:
copy and paste the show URL into the box and click on the first proxy
site in the list.
You will probably have to bypass all your security software temporarily.
(You *do* have security software, don't you?).

With a bit of luck you'll eventually manage to get to see the show.

Whether your computer will ever recover from the experience, is
another matter.  :)


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