[ExI] List of pitfalls

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Sat Mar 28 06:31:21 UTC 2009

> Dagon Gmail wrote:
> But most of africa, the middle east, whole sections of southamerica, asia
> ... I
> am very much worried that we will see collapses in the next decades, based
> on
> combinations of incompetence, negative human urges, crime and most of all
> insufficient easy to use energy. It may stabilize, but not before mass
> starvation
> and unrest. Lets call that "brasilification" - teeming cities composed of
> millions
> living in favellas, dependent on centralized, populist food distribution.
> Everyone
> doing little useless oddjobs to keep society patched together, everything
> saturated with despair, drugs, crime. Soweto, Gaza, Rio and the forbidden
> city, all rolled into one endless fungal growth of human uselessness,
> places
> where every morning a truck drives by to collect the gang warfare dead from
> the streets
> >>>
> I guess the cyberpunk authors like William Gibson had it right...

Even mostly unbeat GURPS THS situated the dystopian cyberpunk elements in
turd world.
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