[ExI] New Network Sitcom

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 17:00:54 UTC 2009

On 3/28/09, Emlyn wrote:
> I haven't had any success with Proxies and streaming video. I think
>  the servers streaming the video don't use protocols that the proxies
>  understand, so it just doesn't seem to work (for me). Also, proxies
>  just give me the willies; what an excellent way to have your machine
>  totally owned.
>  Another thing to consider is that streaming video is a lot of data
>  over a short period of time. Most proxies aren't going to let you do
>  that (because it goes through them), or just wont support a data rate
>  that is fast enough.

Agree totally. There are hundreds of proxies available of all types.
You just have to keep trying till you find one that works with what
you are trying to do. But, as you say, most are for slow speed access
to Myspace or Facebook to bypass school or work firewalls. ;)
And, yes, they can be risky. User recommendation and lots of security
software may help. I mentioned them because they are the easiest to

I rarely watch video myself. Just the occasional cat video or YouTube clip.

The slow speed restriction also applies to free software like JAP or Tor.
Pay for software like Anonymizer or GhostSurf claim to provide a high
speed connection.

>  Something better maybe is a vpn. I've had some success with Hotspot
>  Shield in the past (http://www.hotspotshield.com/), although when I've
>  tried to use it more recently, it's been too slow (probably a victim
>  of its own success).
>  I've been thinking of getting a commercial vpn to the US, does anyone
>  have experience with this? It'll become even more pertinent if
>  Australia really implements the internet censorship that's currently
>  being trialed:

Yes. A paid for vpn should give you the bandwidth you need,

Another option is that you could link to an Extropian computer in the
US and take it over, using similar software to the support tech
people, and use the US pc to watch the video and stream it across to
your pc as well. If someone in the US had a spare pc with nothing
confidential on it, you could use it while they were asleep.  :)

(I'm in ur pc watchin yur videos).

>  Also, and I'm going to show my ignorance of how the net really works
>  here, is there any way from outside the US to be directly assigned a
>  supposedly US based ip address? That is, can we directly subvert this
>  mapping of ip-address to country?

No. You have to take the IP address assigned to you by your ISP

All the anonynising, tunnelling, vpn, etc. is to get round this restriction.


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