[ExI] If Politicians were Innocent and Honest

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Sat Mar 28 19:23:56 UTC 2009

On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 12:29 AM, Stathis Papaioannou
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> 2009/3/27 Lee Corbin <lcorbin at rawbw.com>:
>>> Lucifer was an almost perfect being ruled perfectly
>>> by a perfect being, but still he was dissatisfied.
>>> And good for him!
>> Lucifer was a traitorous bastard who deserved to go to
>> hell. And if all those stories are to be believed, then
>> in addition, to this day he still causes mischief and
>> the corruption of souls. And if there is anything we
>> need less of, it's corruption!
> Lucifer was also the archetypal rebel.

The bible (Koran,Torah, Upanishads, etc.), religion, and other
identity signifiers are features of human tribalism.  Think, speak,
dress, behave, and believe as the others of your tribe do, and you are
recognized and accepted as a tribal member.  Then, above all else,
obey.  Obey the tribal chief and the tribal priests as tribal
demi-gods, invested by the uber-god as the tribal big shots.
Dominance is the devine right of the elect.  Obedience to them is
obedience to god.  Disobedience is the essence of evil, the identifier
of "the other".  Presumably you were born into the tribe and raised to
adopt these tribal identity signifiers, so it will come naturally.  If
you dare to be disobedient, (if so, you'd  best go all the way and
kill the king and take his place, or else...) you will suffer the hell
of repudiation and banishment (or simply be killed as a traitor).

Lucifer then, is the archetypal "terrorist", or the archetypal
"freedom fighter".  You make the call.

> What annoys me about religion
> (apart from the fact that it isn't true) is that we are expected to
> submit to, worship, praise, obey, love, adore etc

Don't think, believe.  Don't think, obey.  Now, give me your money,
and your young daughters/sons.  God commands you.  Obey.  Or die,(and
then, in case you think you're getting away with something in the
peaceful repose of the grave, suffer eternal torment in hell).

Best, Jeff Davis

      "Science works, religion doesn't."
                        Berni Chong

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