[ExI] If Politicians were Innocent and Honest

painlord2k at libero.it painlord2k at libero.it
Sun Mar 29 23:24:26 UTC 2009

Il 27/03/2009 22.23, Stefano Vaj ha scritto:

> Noooo, don't say that. The "Lightbearer", a kind of Jewish Prometheos,
> who dared take destiny in its hand and decide to be "like a god"... :-)

> An archetipical transhumanist, I should say.

I would say not. Because he believed to be like God or more, not tried 
to change to be better then himself and God.
And, probably, this was his flaw.

If a God exist and is good and want to create others that can know Him 
and be with Him like Him, he have a problem. He can not simple create 
them perfect, because they would be fixed and immutable; they could 
obey, they could don't take a stand or they could rebel against him (see 
Dante - Divina Comedia). They would be a simple extension of Him, 
without the Free Will needed to satisfy the reason of their existence.

So, he need to grow His objects of love so they are independent and 
willing to love Him sincerely. So He must place many obstacles (natural 
selection?) to select the right breed of people (evolution).

I would say that is a hell of a project. But, if you are alone and with 
all the time and power of the Universe (and more), why not?


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