[ExI] Next: teaching the flat earth controversy in TX schools

Henrique Moraes Machado (CI) cetico.iconoclasta at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 12:30:47 UTC 2009

Damien Broderick> I wonder how a teacher would fare who adopted this ID line 
but taught
> with great passion that the Raelian position was far superior to 
> evolution: that is, UFO aliens had created us. Students wouldn't be 
> obliged to *believe* this, naturally, but would need to be up to speed on 
> it at least to the same extent as they have to be on evolution. Then 
> Scientologists could teach Hubbard's anti-evolution version, and so on, or 
> cynics could teach it as an instance of ID. Simulation theorists could 
> follow. Would they be hounded out of the schools? Would the board insist 
> that only fundamentalist Christian-flavored ID (however hypocritically 
> disguised) is permissible? It's easily argued that Simulation Theory is 
> far more scientific than any other variant (being based on computer 
> science and stats), and the Raelians make that claim as well, since they 
> appear to be materialists who just think aliens used ID to create us. (How 
> the aliens came about themselves is unclear.)

Indeed. And let's also teach alchemy along with chemestry and mix astrology 
with astronomy. The classes could also begin with a sacrifice of a goat or a 
chicken every morning. To appease the gods. You know... Just in case. 

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